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From kids in school to professionals in office buildings, people worldwide trust Sanford to provide high-quality, innovative products that help them learn, brainstorm and communicate. Now, as a part of Newell Custom Writing Instruments, Sanford has even more to offer from all of your favorite brands.

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The Award for Cleanest Whiteboard

You'll have the cleanest whiteboard when you use Expo® brand dry-erase products in your classroom. Get everything you need to make the most of your whiteboard this year while keeping it squeaky clean.

Start each day with a fresh slate by using our easy Low Odor Non-Toxic Whiteboard Wipes to remove any existing ghosting, grime, stains and ink residue that's built up. These wipes are designed to remove even the most stubborn marks, so your board becomes as clean as the day it was installed.

Use Expo brand markers for bold, colorful whiteboard writing with almost no odor. We offer several variety packs with an assortment of colors and tip sizes to meet the needs of any lesson plan. Use your whiteboard for notes and reminders, draw diagrams, play games or write down important points from your lesson. When you're done, use one of our comfortable, effective erasers to wipe it away.

Bright Ideas for Sharpie® Highlighters

Kurtz Bros. is the best place to find a huge selection of Sharpie® brand highlighters for your students. You can use these bright and versatile markers in countless ways in your own work or as part of your lesson plans for students.

In your work, you can use highlighters to make marks and corrections on graded assignments easily. Simply highlight areas where students can improve, then write notes in the margins with a pen.

You can teach students to be active readers in any class by asking them to read an article and highlight different things. For example, give them multiple colors to indicate "things I didn't understand," "things I thought were important," and "things I want to learn more about."

Students can also use highlighters to identify parts of speech or the elements of a sentence. For instance, you could give them a worksheet with multiple sentences and ask them to use different colors to highlight the objects, subjects, verbs, adjectives, nouns or anything else you want them to be able to pick out.

A Million Ways to Write

Sanford encapsulates several outstanding brands to provide you with a wide array of writing implements to take on any task, including Sharpie permanent markers, PaperMate® pens and Prismacolor® colored pencils.

Spice up your everyday classroom routine by having your students spend the day using a different writing tool than they normally use. If they usually write in pencil, allowing them to write with something else can be an exciting twist on an otherwise mundane lesson.

With a variety of writing tools, you could even design an experiment using the scientific method. Have students mark several materials with different pens and markers and predict what will happen when subjecting them to different tests.

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