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Awards & Incentives

Student incentives are a great motivator. Kurtz Bros. has a wide array of classroom prizes for students for sale. Browse our inventory today.

Even the smallest reward can be a great motivational tool for students. Classroom awards and incentives are often effective for classroom management, academic motivation and character development. Bright and colorful designs make them especially appealing, and they can even do double-duty as classroom resources when you give fun pencils, erasers or bookmarks.At Kurtz Bros., we have a massive selection of classroom prizes for students so you can get the right awards for their interests and age levels.

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Classroom Prizes for Students for Sale

With the perfect classroom prizes, your students will want to have a celebration every day! You can use them for:
  • Birthdays.
  • Holidays.
  • The 100th day of school.
  • Welcoming students to class.
  • Honor rolls and other academic successes.
  • Student of the month.
  • Attendance.
  • Reading a specific number of books.
Certificates are a great way to celebrate all these occasions and make students feel a little prestigious at the same time. Other awards might come in the form of pencils or crowns they get to wear all day to show off their success or status as a whole year older.

Of course, you don't need an occasion to celebrate. Nonspecific prizes are great to use throughout the year and as incentives for classroom games. You can give kids a fun Dr. Seuss-themed notepad, a cute animal-shaped eraser, glittery pencils and several other fun toys.


Who doesn't love getting a big, bright sticker on their paper for a job well done? Stickers also make great prizes for games and good behavior.Our huge assortment of stickers includes:
  • Alphabet stickers.
  • Animal stickers.
  • Character stickers.
  • Happy Birthday stickers.
  • Motivational stickers.
  • Scented stickers.
  • Seasonal and holiday stickers.
  • Classic stars and smiley face stickers.

Incentive Charts and Pads

Incentive charts are a great way for your students to show off their hard work and be motivated to keep going. You can use them with the stickers and prizes mentioned above for a complete reward system to help students behave better in class. Simply write students' names on one side of the chart and the date on the other — for each day students meet your criteria, they get a sticker. Incentive charts can also be in the form of notepads for individual tracking.Here are some behaviors and achievements you or your students could track:
  • Worked hard and used their inside voices all day or week
  • Turned in their homework
  • Met specific goals that align with curriculum standards
  • Demonstrated positive behaviors, such as helping another student or clocking five volunteer hours

Reward Your Students and Your Wallet With Prizes From Kurtz Bros.

Classroom awards and incentives offer an affordable, simple and fun way to promote positive behaviors and celebrate the little things in life. Kurtz Bros. makes it easy to find a wide range of options at prices that fit education budgets. Explore our classroom prizes for students, including hard-to-find and closeout items, or reach out to us with any questions!