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Are you looking to cover lots of wall space or add custom, large-scale text to your classroom? We have plenty of school banners and posters, as well as die-cut letters for classrooms with crafty teachers at the helm. These tools can help you add color and valuable messaging to your walls while saving you time and money.

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Classroom Banners and Posters for Sale

Banners and posters can make your walls more welcoming and spread messages of positivity, motivation or moral development. Welcome banners might make your classroom more inviting to nervous kids on their first day, while a motivational phrase can provide yearlong support when the going gets tough. These banners are also an easy way to add some color to the walls if you're looking for simple decorating ideas.

Die-Cut Letters for Sale Online

Die-cut letters are perfectly cut pieces of paper that look great on your bulletin board or wall and are excellent for custom decorations and words. Spell out fun phrases to go with your bulletin board decor, such as "We Stay Sharp!" on a cactus theme or "Taco 'Bout Hard Work!" above tacos with kids' names on them. You can also use die-cut letters for classroom staples, including spelling out "Calendar" or "Hall Passes" above those resources. Most letters are around 4 inches tall, and the sets often have numbers, punctuation symbols and sometimes additional characters. Design options can include letters with glitter, animal prints, plants, stripes and other patterns. These letters are suitable for elementary schools, high school students and the grades in between because they're so versatile. The sky is truly the limit when you purchase some die-cut letters. Below are a few examples of how you can use die-cut letters for your classroom decor:
  • Superheroes: Grab a set of Playful Ready Letters® to go with a superhero-themed bulletin board. Have kids decorate their own blank superhero masks and use them to surround a phrase such as "Super Second Graders" or "Kindness Is Our Superpower!"
  • Plants: Plants and greenery offer a great opportunity to talk about growth mindsets and growth in general. Petal letters work well with flower themes, while a prickle set is perfect for cacti and succulents.
  • Wildlife: Take the kids on a safari adventure with exotic animal-print letters that pair well with a phrase such as, "We're Wild About Learning!" You can add large "leaves" as a border for your bulletin board and plenty of fun animals.

Bring Your Classroom to Life With Kurtz Bros.

The school supply experts at Kurtz Bros. know how important it is to keep your classroom fun, colorful and educational. That's why we aim to offer a versatile selection of banners, posters and die-cut letters for teachers, including hard-to-find items and closeout deals. Our customer service is second to none, and our representatives are happy to help if you have any questions. Explore these products in detail and start building the perfect classroom today!