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Brackitz Education The Complete STEAM Center

This is the BIG ONE! It gives you Structures, Pulleys & Cranks, Wheels and Axles, and Gears, Sprockets, and Chains all in one. It’s ideal for library maker spaces and creative spaces in classroom. It’s big enough to share across classrooms and it’s a BIG launching pad for special challenges and school wide design/build projects and contests. Contains: 75 1x2 Planks, 50 1x1 Planks, 60 4-way Hubs, 30 3-way Hubs, 330 Chain Links, 10 Spools, 24 Tires, 22 Rubber Bands, 5 Buckets, 9 Small Gears, 9 Medium Gears, 9 Large Gears, 12 Cranks, 210 Lock Washers 4-way Hubs, 90 Lock Washers 3-way Hubs, 60 12cm Axle-Splines, 60 18cm Axle-Splines, 12 Hooks, 12 58" Strings, 20 Pulleys, 75 1-way Pivoting Hubs.

50012 ^
Price: 795.00 per EA

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