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Brackitz Pulleys & Cranks Module

Add the Pulleys & Cranks stack to your Structures Kits and students can explore how to make things that will haul, lift, slide and move up and down, as part of STEM and STEAM learning. Students can build zip lines that stretch more than 4 feet in length! Includes pulleys, axles, hubs, hooks, cranks, and strings. The budding engineers in your classes will have fun building and cranking contraptions that haul, lift, slide, and move up and down. Includes: 20 18-cm Axle-Splines, 20 12-cm Axle-Splines, 6 Cranks, 70 Lock Washers 4-Way Hubs, 30 Lock Washers 3-Way Hubs, 20 Pulleys, 5 Buckets, 10 Spools, 12 Hooks, and 12 58” Strings. (Requires Structures Module code 50008 for building.)

50010 ^
Price: 200.00 per EA

^ - Item is non stock and may ship directly from manufacturer.

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