Hands-On Tally Marks™

The classic number and counting tool made to last. Sturdy, color-coded, molded plastic tally come in ones, fives, and tens and are ready-to use.
93016 - Set
30.35 set

The classic number and counting tool made to last! Hands-On Tally Marks™ resemble those handmade Popsicle stick tally mark manipulatives teachers have been making for years but are made of sturdy, color-coded, molded plastic. With three tally mark styles of ones, fives and tens, these hands-on teaching aids are ready-to-use for the endless supply of math lessons teachers already use every day. The perfect size, these manipulatives are all 3 3/4"H. The ones 3/8"W, fives 2 1/4"W and tens 4 1/2"W. We included a full-color teaching guide with tips and suggested lessons. The set comes in 4-color box with plastic storage tray to keep everything organized.

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