Mushy Smush Beanbag Chair
With a lightweight, portable design and adequate support of the user's back and hips, this bean bag chair is great for circle time, floor time, reading time, quiet time and just about any time!
76153 - Each
138.60 ea

Comfortable for both kids and adults. 17" diameter. Once you sit on Mushy Smushy, you may never want a regular bean bag again! Super light and portable, these bean bag cushions for kids support the back and hips for comfortable seating. Small pellet-filled stuffing appeals to kids who need to wiggle and to all who crave tactile stimulation as they have an irresistible texture. Toss for heavy work. Catch and throw to strengthen bilateral coordination. Three sizes to satisfy different needs.

    Versatile seating solution with multiple uses
    Ideal for kids with low muscle tone and sensitivity to hard surfaces
    Made by Fun and Function
    Age 2+

Ideas for Use:
    Snuggle in to this squishy seat while reading or relaxing at home
    Place in your lap during circle time for gentle weight and manipulate the pellets inside the cushion for quiet tactile input
    Place in a classroom calming corner as a soft comfortable cushion

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