Nature View Acrylic Back Cabinet
Not your ordinary classroom shelf cabinet!
Cat Price
486.00 ea

Bring Nature indoors and create a unique biophilia-inspired Early Learning landscape. Biophilic design can reduce stress, enhance creativity, focus clarity of thought and improve well-being, benefits that can lead to enhanced learning. Features printed wildflower scenes on clear acrylic panels that brighten and define any room environment while providing maximum child supervision and safety. Crease a unique and inviting landscape that fosters a child's deep connection to their environment and sets the trajectory of their future learning outcomes. All pieces in the collection are sold separately and connect without the use of unsightly plastic connectors to create a beautiful divided area layout that adapts to your specific need. Corners and edges are rounded over and finished smooth for safety. Floor glides included. Constructed in beautiful, durable 15mm birch plywood and solid maple in safe, non-toxic natural UV finish that won't yellow and withstand rigorous use. Made in USA. GreenGuard™ Gold certified. Lifetime Warranty. 

Not your ordinary classroom shelf cabinet! Floor guides included.

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