Peanut Balls
Designed to challenge children to balance as they roll and bounce.
41130 - Large, 22" H x 43" L
79.40 34.89 ea

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The peanut shaped fitness ball is great for sensory seekers that want movement while providing more stability and security than a traditional exercise ball. The peanut shape means this unique balance ball won’t rock side to side or roll around while you sit on top of it. Kids can bounce around, rest on their stomach or use it as a dynamic seating option. However your child utilizes the Peanut Ball, it’s sure to support balance and coordination and help core stability.  For those wiggle worms who need a little help focusing and paying attention, this sensory tool is perfect for providing the movement they crave. Children can rock back and forth or bounce while they’re in the classroom, at home doing homework, during TV time or any other time just for fun!  The Peanut Ball is easy to inflate with a high power air compressor or a hand pump (not included). If the ball loses air over time, simply use a hand pump to inflate.

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