Splashology! Water Lab Classroom Set

This set with activity guide introduces hands-on experiments on volume, buoyancy, water flow, and more.
30117 - Set
52.80 set

Dive into the wonders of this water science kit with the splash-filled experiments for kids of Splashology! Water Lab from Learning Resources. This experiment set teaches STEM at play through water activities for kids that introduce volume, buoyancy, flow, and more with every splish and splash. The Splashology! Water Lab supports both guided and open-ended play - follow along with the lab's seven included kids' experiments (which come printed on waterproof cards), or use the pieces to explore every splash and bubble with a parent's supervision. Ride the waves with the Floaty Boat tray, squirt streams of water with the Splash Syringe, or turn your sink into homemade bubbles kit with the lab's three bubble wands. This 19-piece water science active play set designed for the sink or water table is suitable for kids aged three years and up.

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