Wedge Cushions
The wedge shape makes this a wonderful seating alternative. One side is covered with slightly raised bumps the other side is smooth. This would make a great addition to any special needs classroom setting.
62.05 ea

ENCOURAGE FOCUS FOR LONGER STRETCHES: Wiggle while you learn! The Lean N Learn sensory seat wedge is an inflatable cushion that provides sensory stimulation, encourages focus, and can help moderate the wiggles. Allowing discreet movement for kids who have trouble sitting still, this cushion can be used during circle time, for desk work, or while at the dinner table to help your child sit for longer stretches.
DUAL-SIDED SENSORY INPUT: Fun and Function’s seat cushions offer dual-sided sensory input so you can choose what works best for you or your child. The Lean N Learn features a smooth surface on one side and delicately raised bumps on the other, offering just a touch of calming sensory input for kids who need it.
ENHANCE POSTURE: Using a seat cushion on your chair is an easy way to help promote proper posture. By tilting the pelvis and spine upwards, the Lean N Learn Wedge Cushion encourages core stability, balance work, and appropriate posture.
VERSATILE: This tilted active seat is lightweight, and with a convenient handle, is easy to transport in the car or on trips. Use it in the classroom, in the therapy clinic, at home, or anywhere else you’ll need to sit for long stretches.
DETAILS: Large 13”L x 13”W. Wedge inclines from 0.2”H to 2.33”H. Inflate to the max to create a sloped surface that challenges balance. Deflate for a steadier seat cushion. Weighs 2.53 Ibs. Holds up to 330 Ibs. Small: 10"L x 10"W. Wedge: 0.4"H to 2.75"H. Weighs: 1.54 lbs. Hand pump required, not included. Surface wash. Air dry. For ages 4+. Use with adult guidance.

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