Mr. Sketch® Stix Scented Markers
Unleash your child's imagination into a world of cinnamon giraffes and blueberry airplanes with Mr. Sketch Scented Stix Markers.
08235 - Set
9.00 set

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With each color linked to a satisfying scent, you'll excitedly watch your youngster explore a world where smells and colors combine. The scented markers feature a slim barrel and a bullet tip that's ideal for details. That means your budding artist can confidently sketch letters and create fine lines. Fragrant coloring in fine line form. Ten colors/scents per set: Black-Licorice, Red-Cherry, Green-Mint, Blue-Blueberry, Orange-Orange, Purple-Grape, Pink- Melon, Yellow-Lemon, Brown-Cinnamon, and Turquoise-Mango.

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