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Stick to Science - Magnetic Periodic Table Investigation

Use this investigation of the first 20 elements of the Periodic Table to illustrate the core concepts of atomic theory. This selection of element cards is designed to minimize the extra information while focusing on essential points allowing students to become active learners as they discover the concepts and trends as they sequentially build the table. Cards can be used to illustrate the following major concepts: Families and Periods, Atomic Number and Mass, Isotopes, and Electron Shells and Valency. Includes Elements 1-20 plus Hydride (H-), 14 additional elements (4 x H, 3 x 0, 2 x CL, 1 x F, 2 X Na, 2 x K), 3Mg Isotopes, and Au and Pb. Teacher's notes are also included. Grade 7+.

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40 Piece Set
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