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Hands-On Standards Manipulatives Kits

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All the manipulatives you need for up to four students to complete the grade-level math activities in our Hands-On Standards Handbooks. Each kit includes a storage tub. SOLD AS EACH.

Grades Pre K-K Includes: 1" Color Cubes, Backyard Bugs Counters, Color Tiles, Reversible Graph It! Mat, Pattern Clocks, Sorting Circles, Attribute Blocks, Link-N-Learn Links, Snap Cubes, and Three Bear Family Counters.

Code Description Price Qty
31892 Grades Pre K-K 211.35

Grades 1-2 Includes: Base Ten Blocks, Pattern Blocks, 2cm Color Cubes, Snap Cubes, Color Tiles, Tangrams, Two-Color Counters, Geoboards, Cuisenaire Rods, Reversible Graph It! Mat, Geared Clocks, Inchworms and Inchworm Rulers.

31893 Grades 1-2 265.70

Grades 3-4 Includes: Write-on/Wipe-off Clocks , Two-Color Counters, Base Ten Blocks, Cuisenaire Rods, Centimeter Cubes, Pattern Blocks, Color Tiles, Geometric Solids, Attribute Blocks, Bucket Balance Fraction Circles, Three Bear Family Fraction, Tower Equivalency Cubes, Tangrams and Counters, Geoboards.

31894 Grades 3-4 301.95

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