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Energizer® Chargers

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Energizer® 1 Hour Charger. Charges 1 to 4 AA or AAA NiMH batteries in about 1 hour. Easy to read charge status indicator for each battery and bad battery detection. Includes 2 AA and 2 AAA NiHM batteries.

Code Description Price Qty
42519+ Each 68.30

Energizer® Family Charger. Charges up to 8 AA, 8 AAA, 4C, 4D or 2 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries. Easy-to-read LCD screen shows the charging status of the batteries inside.

42572 Each 57.65

Energizer® Recharge Pro Charger. Charges 1-4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. Easy-to-read charge status indicator light.

42527 Each 36.75

Energizer® Recharge Universal Charger Compact design makes it easy to stow in a laptop bag or backpack, so you never run out of power on the go! Charges up to 4 AA, 4 AAA, 4 C, 4 D or 2 9V NiMH rechargeable batteries.

+ - Item is a closeout and supplies may be limited.

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