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Brackitz Wheels & Axles Module

The Wheels and Axes module empowers students to add the wonder of motion to their structures. Once they’ve created their simple moving machines, students can explore authentic STEM concepts as they measure distance and speed or experiment with the impacts of variable incline or decline degrees. It’s a great way to integrate the skills and concepts of math, science, engineering and design thinking. Includes: 20 18-cm Axle-Splines, 20 12-cm Axle-Splines, 22 Rubber Bands, 70 Lock Washers 4-Way Hubs, 30 Lock Washers 3-Way Hubs, 10 Spools, and 24 Tires. (Requires Structures Module, code 50008, for building.)

50009 ^
Price: 200.00

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