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AMACO® Semi-Moist Underglaze Decorating Colors

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These concentrated semi-moist colors are supplied in convenient hinged-lid plastic boxes. They are especially good for ceramic watercolor effects and painting of fine detail. Additional colors can be made by intermixing. Colors may be brushed on either bisque or greenware. Further thinning prepares the colors for transparent watercolor effects by brushing. Dinnerware safe when covered by a dinnerware safe glaze such as AMACO LG10 or F10. Sets consist of 8 colors in whole pans. All sets are AP NON-TOXIC.

No. 108 Set Contains: Maroon, Light Yellow, Dark Blue, Blue-Green, Dark Green, Black, Light Brown, White.

Code Description Price Qty
56475 Set 47.25

No. 109 Set contains: Turquoise, Lilac, Medium Blue, Pink, Warm Gray, Mahogany Brown, Bright Yellow, Warm Green.

56476 Set 47.25

No. 110 Set contains: Purple, Light Blue, Aqua, Rose, Orange, Peach, Chartreuse, Sun Tan.

56477 Set 47.25

No. 111 Set contains: Red, Light Red, Real Orange, Electric Blue, Amethyst, Violet, Hunter Green, Salmon.

56481 Set 47.25

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