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AMACO® Velvet Underglaze 16 oz. Class Pack

Opaque underglazes that have the appearance of velour or velvet when left unglazed. They will assume a soft, satin finish when glazed with transparent matte glaze and will intensify in color when covered with a clear transparent or gloss glaze. Colors true to color fired from Cone 05 to cone 10 as applied from the jar and can be intermixed to create the desired hue. Velvets were developed to be used without a glaze cover. All Velvet series underglazes are AP NON-TOXIC. 12, 16 fluid oz. plastic jars – assorted colors:Red, Real Orange, yellow, Medium Blue, White, Jet Black, Light Red, Amethyst, Purple, Leaf Green, Dark Green and Royal Blue.

Price: 76.50