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Markers offer bright colors and are easy to use, even for little hands, making them a great tool for classrooms. Browse our markers for classrooms for sale!

Whether in art class or an elementary classroom, drawing with markers is always a fun activity for kids looking to get creative. Markers offer vibrant colors, high visibility and a smooth, fun writing experience. The markers for classrooms for sale at Kurtz Bros. encompass many different varieties and can help your young learners stretch their imaginations with just the right tools.

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Markers for Elementary School Students and General Classroom Use

If you think of markers, chances are you're picturing the classic box with about eight different colors. We have these washable markers from trusted brands such as Crayola® and Prang®, as well as a wide range of other marker styles, from tiny, fine tips to large, broad ones and kids' markers. General-purpose markers such as these are great for students of all ages. We have marker classpacks available, too, for easy distribution to the whole class.
Our many different types of specialty markers for students include:
  • Paint markers. Paint markers combine the surface effects of paint with the easy-to-hold design of markers for less cleanup and easier writing.
  • Stamper markers. With fun designs on the ends, stamper markers allow kids to stamp their favorite symbols over and over.
  • Fabric markers. Fabric markers feature a special ink for easy writing on fabric. They're great for personalizing items such as T-shirts and hats, even with little ones.
  • Erasable markers. For the kids who want to fix mistakes, erasable markers are a great choice. 
  • Ball-shaped markers. These rounded markers offer an easy grip for early learners and children with special needs.
  • Scented markers. Fun smells add a great multi-sensory component to any drawing. Scented markers often include fruity smells and other common food scents.
  • Window markers. Decorate your own windows or let the kids do it with these washable markers that can also create fun effects!

Fine Art Markers

While traditional markers are a great art tool, some students need something a little finer. If you want to help students learn to use more professional, artist-grade markers, we have those, too. They're an excellent and versatile tool for aspiring illustrators. 
Fine art markers tend to have stronger, more permanent pigments and often feature a chiseled tip for greater control over the marker's surface. Many of these come in dual-tipped versions with the chiseled tip on one side and a fine tip on the other, so students can achieve precise color matching. The same ink barrel supports both tips.

Get Your Student Markers From Kurtz Bros.

At Kurtz Bros., we're dedicated to bringing quality and affordability to more classrooms through an expansive inventory of both popular and hard-to-find products. Our markers for classrooms include options for kids who haven't yet mastered writing utensils up to skilled artists.
This wide range of products comes from trusted manufacturers with excellent customer support from Kurtz Bros.. You can always contact us if you have any questions! We also offer convenient online ordering for school markers.