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Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills can take some getting used to. Help your students refine these skills with fine motor skill toys for children from Kurtz Bros..

Developing fine motor skills doesn't come easily to all students. At Kurtz Bros., we carry a range of fine motor skill toys for children to help them learn control of their bodies. Many of these tools are great for special needs students but also work well as fine motor skill toys for kindergarten students without special needs. They're just as fun as regular toys and help kids hone these developing skills.

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Classroom Tools for Fine Motor Skills

When helping kids develop fine motor skills, you can use many different types of tools. Play-Doh, foam and sand all help develop fine motor skills while letting students get creative. Kids can make any number of shapes with or without guidance. For example, students can make worms and balls with the clay and trace letters in the sand, all while feeling the cool, soft dough or individual grains of sand run through their fingers for an enjoyable sensory component. Bean bags are another excellent tool for motor skills. They're easier to hold than balls or blocks and can accommodate many different activities. Some examples include:
  • Balance. Students can place bean bags on their heads while walking forward to work on their balance.
  • Hand-eye coordination. Simple catching games work wonders for hand-eye coordination.
  • Crossing the midline. Help kids learn to control both sides of their bodies simultaneously with activities such as passing bean bags to other students in a circle and passing the bags from hand to hand.
You'll also find toys such as scarves, ribbons, beads and lacing in our inventory. Scarves and ribbons are fun for kids to play with, and working with them is good for visual tracking and fine motor skills. Beads and lacing are also useful fine motor skill toys for children. Kids have to find the hole in the bead, control their hand movements to get the lacing through and ensure the beads stay on the lace.When it comes to sand and other messy fine motor skill toys, be sure to place them in one of our containing trays.

Practical Skill Toys and Other Resources

Many special needs students need help with learning practical skills, such as tying their shoes, buttoning their shirts and opening latches. We have a variety of fake clothing and locks so students can practice these tasks. Other fine motor skill toys we carry include games for sorting, stacking and counting, often available in fun designs, such as colorful pebbles or dog bones. Many of these toys incorporate tactile elements for students to feel different textures while playing. We also have many other toys, including building sets, linking toys and pegboards to help students develop fine motor skills.

Your Trusted Supplier of Fine Motor Skill Toys

At Kurtz Bros., we believe teachers and support staff should have access to quality tools at affordable prices. We have a wide range of fine motor skill toys for sale — from popular items to the hard-to-find ones — so you can find the right resources for your students. You can also check out our closeout items if you're looking for an extra deal. View our fine motor skill toys for children today and reach out with any questions!