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Chart Tablets

Kurtz Bros. offers a wide variety of chart tablets for sale online. From chart stands to easel pads and paper, shop on our site today!

In the primary grades and beyond, chart tablets can be useful tools for visualization and demonstration. These handy pads of paper are super-sized, and many - called easel pads - prop up for easy display. We also carry chart stands for showing your students the surface of a lie-flat model. You can find chart paper for your classroom with an array of designs to support your activities, all at budget-friendly prices.

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Types of Chart Tablets

Chart tablets for teachers and students are typically large, at least 24 inches on the short side and around 32-36 inches on the long side. They include a wide range of surface designs, rules and finishes to support your students' drawing, writing and planning needs:

  • Skip-a-line: This paper is the perfect kind of chart tablet for students learning to write. It has a thin dotted line between two thicker ones, so students can see the midline when practicing their print or cursive.
  • Blank pages: Blank chart tablets are incredibly versatile. You can use them to draw lesson information, map out a brainstorming session or play a class-wide game. They're also a great choice for activities, such as group work and generating review pages for future reference.
  • Lined: Lined charts provide the same structure as a notebook, great for more advanced and general writing. It's also a good choice for group projects where students can write out their work and easily share it with the class, thanks to its large size. These charts are available in a few different configurations, including rules along the long or short side.
  • Colored papers: Get your students' attention and make projects a little more exciting with colored-paper student chart tablets for sale. They also work well for representing student divisions, such as reading groups. Give groups a fun pastel identifier to write on every time they work together.
  • Grids: Help students learn the basics of charts, graphs, geometry and shapes with a large gridded chart pad.
  • Weekly trackers: Fill out your students' assignments for the week on a convenient pad of paper you can flip over when Monday rolls around.

You have a few different options for standing these charts up in front of the class. You can stand the pads up on a chart stand, use an easel pad with a built-in rigid back or use peel-and-stick pages that can adhere to walls, blackboards and dry-erase boards.

Chart Tablets for Sale Online From Kurtz Bros.

When it comes to buying chart tablets, Kurtz Bros. has you covered. We carry a large assortment of chart tablets to fit the needs of every price range and age level, including a selection of closeout tablets. Whether you need to teach little ones how to write in cursive or instruct older students about graphs and plotting, these chart tablets are great for hands-on activities and front-of-classroom instruction. Don't forget to pair your chart tablet with an assortment of markers!