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For simple, easy organization of papers and homework, choose folders and portfolios from Kurtz Bros.. Check out our selection and buy what you need!

While they have simple designs, folders and portfolios have an important job to do. Students and teachers have a lot of paper to sift through every day, and a folder is often the only thing keeping homework and tests from becoming a crumpled heap at the bottom of a backpack. There are many different types of folders and portfolios to choose from that are well-suited to specific needs and age groups. 

At Kurtz Bros., we have a wide range of portfolios and homework folders for classrooms.

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Our Portfolios and Folders for Classrooms

Whether you're looking for cost-efficient paper folders for students or higher-capacity paper portfolios for teachers, we've got you covered. Our wide range of portfolios and folders includes the following items:
  • Decorative and paper folders: Let your students choose from animals, beloved characters, sports, tie-dye and other homework folder designs, so they can store their work in style. Simple, color-coded paper folders can also be great, cost-effective homework folders. When it comes to paper folders for teachers, we have a range of attractive options to fill your binders or file cabinets.
  • Poly folders: Poly folders offer durability since they're made of a plastic material. These are great for kids who seem to destroy everything that enters their backpacks.
  • Multipocket folders: As the name suggests, these folders have several layers to support more papers than standard, two-sided folders.
  • Extra-large folders: For students with larger or oddly shaped papers, such as elementary or art students, extra-large folders can accommodate papers up to 9-by-12 inches.
  • Folders for early learners: We carry durable homework folders for kindergarten students and other young learners with bright colors and age-appropriate resources, such as the days of the week, letters and colors.
  • Substitute teacher folders: Need to take a sick day? Don't fret about it with a substitute teacher folder that's easy to find and provides everything a substitute needs to know in one spot. These folders often have spaces for the daily schedule, attendance tracker or additional notes.
  • Expanding products: Expanding pocket products provide many organizational file jackets in one easy-to-carry item, some of which even stand up on their own. Products in this category include expanding vertical file pockets, expanding envelopes, hanging organizers and expanding portfolios.
Some things to consider when choosing homework portfolios or folders for classrooms include durability and hole-punch style. For instance, if children will take the folders home, poly folders might be a better choice than paper since they can better stand up to the bumps and bends of a student's backpack. If you plan to have students place their folders in a binder, you may want to look for some with three-hole punches for seamless inclusion.

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We know teachers are always on the hunt for affordable, high-quality classroom supplies. At Kurtz Bros., we pride ourselves on meeting that need with a variety of products for every age and price point. We have a wide range of homework folders for classrooms, all with cost-effective prices and shipping options.
To learn more about these folders and portfolios, explore our selection and reach out if you have any questions!