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Reference Books

Show your students a new world of resources with trustworthy reference books. Browse age-appropriate student dictionaries for sale at The Classroom Store!

Knowing how to read a dictionary is an essential skill and a great way to get reliable information. At Kurtz Bros., we carry a range of different reference books, including thesauruses and atlases, targeted to specific grade levels. Give your students the tools to improve their research skills and learn more about reputable sources with our cost-effective school reference books for sale.

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School Reference Books for Sale Online

Students might turn to reference books to look up the meaning of a word, understand maps of the world or find alternative words to improve their writing. We carry resources for these tasks from trusted providers, such as Merriam-Webster and The American Heritage Dictionary:
  • Dictionaries: Definitions, pronunciations and spellings are all valuable pieces of information that children can find in dictionaries. We have a range of student dictionaries for sale online, including children's, intermediate, foreign language, pocket and spelling dictionaries. 
  • Thesauruses: A thesaurus can be a powerful writing tool, showing students appropriate alternatives and helping them improve their vocabulary along the way. Age-appropriate thesauruses are available for various grade levels.
  • Atlases: Give students up-to-date cartography and help them learn their way around a map with a student atlas.
  • Vocabulary builders: Vocabulary builders are a great tool for kids who need to boost their vocabulary or for older students preparing for standardized tests such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), American College Testing (ACT) and English as a Second Language (ESL) tests.
In addition to these individual items, we also carry sets and two-in-one books, so you can outfit your class with these resources through one convenient product.

School Reference Book Activities

Are you looking for fun ways to teach your students how to use reference books or increase their familiarity? Here are a few activities to try:
  • Dictionary digs: You can do this activity out loud, on a worksheet or with task cards. Give students a series of open-ended clues and have them find a word that fits. An example might be "find an adjective that starts with 'B' and has three syllables."
  • Dictionary scavenger hunts: Find or create a worksheet with questions about the dictionary, such as, "What does the word 'forlorn' mean?" and "What guidewords are on the page for 'cow'?"
  • Synonym gardens: Combine art and word learning with this creative activity. Have students cut out paper flowers, filling in the middle with a word and each petal with a synonym they find in the thesaurus. Then, they can color the flowers, attach them to pipe cleaners and build a garden on a classroom wall.

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School reference books and dictionaries for sale from Kurtz Bros. are an excellent way to help your students learn basic research skills without breaking the bank. We carry a large assortment of thesauruses, atlases, vocabulary books and student dictionaries for sale online that are high-quality and affordable. 
Check out all of our school reference books and buy online or contact us today if you have any questions!