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Sensory & Tactile Items

Help your little learners focus with a versatile selection of sensory toys that engage students. Browse visual, auditory and tactile toys for students today.

Many young learners, with and without special needs, can benefit from sensory toys for the classroom. These items engage the senses — often touch and sight, but they can sometimes incorporate smell or hearing, too. Many also have the bonus of strengthening fine motor skills. Whether kids want to run their fingers across textured stones or smush or crumble some cool play sand, tactile toys for students are a great way to pique their interest and encourage sensory play.

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Types of Sensory Toys for Students

When it's time to appeal to the senses, you can find a wide range of items designed for the task:
  • Balls: Sensory balls use a variety of textures, lights, shapes and fillings to meet student desires.
  • Liquid toys: These toys combine water and oil-like blobs of colored fluid that move when a child tips and flips it.
  • Play-Doh® and putty: Putty makes for an excellent sensory tool that's also nontoxic and easy to clean and store. Some versions have hidden objects in the putty for kids to find. We also carry an assortment of tools, such as cutters and rollers.
  • Sand: Sand is available in many different colors and offers a soothing tactile experience. It's also great for tracing and building activities — just be sure to put it in one of our sand trays for easy cleanup!
  • Trays: Sensory trays are a great place for containing various sensory toys within an easy-to-clean location. Toss sand, water and toys in them without worries. 
  • Sound and hearing resources: Our sound-based toys include blocks that generate a unique sound when someone shakes them and have matching, colored notes on the sides.
  • Sensory discs: These circular objects feature various tactile effects such as squishy beads, soft fabric or fuzzy tentacles. Students can squish and fold the discs and feel the different surfaces.
  • Sensory stones: Sensory stones often feature textured or smooth surfaces, and some can even be stacked. Kids can hold and turn these stones over or play matching games with them.
  • Sensory eggs: These little eggs are similar to sensory stones, but they are smooth and can help with sorting or matching skills. We even have some sensory sound eggs that play matching sounds for an auditory experience.
We also have a range of other sensory toys for the classroom that don't fit neatly into the above categories, such as textured stacking blocks, fabric toys and sensory wristbands. With our wide inventory, you can find the toys that will work best with your students' unique needs.

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If you want to set your students up for success, you need to pick the right supplies. At Kurtz Bros. we carry a versatile selection of tactile toys for the classroom, including hard-to-find and closeout items so you can get the perfect toys for your kids. If you have any questions or need help with your purchase, our customer service representatives are happy to help.
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