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Language Art Materials

Teaching reading and writing is no easy task, but books, games and other language arts materials for sale can help. Check out our massive inventory today!

Reading and writing are integral skills for every young learner. They form the basis for almost every other type of learning, such as reading books, synthesizing information and understanding a wide range of topics. To help students learn these skills, Kurtz Bros. has a broad selection of language arts materials for sale, such as games, flashcards and books.

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Language Arts Books

As with any skill, practice makes perfect. Reading books helps students develop their fluency and better understand certain topics or mechanics. For example, young learners can benefit from classic storybooks to engage their imaginations or subject matter books that present interesting topics in a way that's appropriate for their reading level. Other language arts books include sight-reading resources with words accompanied by pictures or books with reading and writing activities and exercises.
In our collection of language arts supplies for sale, you can also find more explicit resource books with collections of prefixes and suffixes or Greek and Latin roots. These kinds of books can also outline the different parts of speech or supply an easy reference for learning punctuation.
Outside of books for students, we also carry an array of teachers' books, such as those with assessments, activities and lessons.

Language Arts Games, Toys and Flashcards

Nothing makes learning quite as fun as games. Our selection of language arts games includes everything from bingo to board games. You can use these games to target specific learning goals, such as grammar, comprehension or spelling, or develop fluency and create more familiarity with words.
Other high-engagement language arts teaching supplies for sale include toys and flashcards. Students can rearrange magnetic letters to spell out words or quiz themselves with a wide range of flashcards. These are available for every level, from learning the alphabet to growing one's vocabulary.

Language Arts Posters and Bulletin Board Sets

If you really want to turn your classroom into a language-learning destination, posters and bulletin board add-ons are an excellent way to do so. They can incorporate bright, fun imagery with the information students are learning in class for an easy-to-reference resource that's on the walls at all times. Provide quick overviews of letters, verb and adjective collections, idioms, literary genres and punctuation lists.

Other Language Arts Teaching Materials for Sale

In addition to books, games and posters, Kurtz Bros. has several other language arts tools, including:
  • Handwriting practice pages and games.
  • Journals and age-appropriate notebooks.
  • Foreign language resources.
  • Tools for teaching children with special needs

Get Language Arts Materials From Kurtz Bros.

Kurtz Bros. is proud to supply quality language arts teaching supplies that won't break the bank. We understand that your class and students are unique, so our large inventory makes it easy to choose the best solutions for your classroom. Explore our large collection of language arts supplies for sale online, or reach out to our knowledgeable team if you have any questions!