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Alphabet Skills

Is your student ready to learn about the alphabet? We offer a variety of resources like flashcards and magnets that make learning about the alphabet fun.

One of the most important parts of any young child's education is literacy. Understanding letter names and sounds early has long been associated with later reading and spelling abilities, and children with poor letter awareness tend to fall behind their classmates. These students with reduced letter knowledge often experience gaps in spelling, vocabulary, reading fluency and comprehension skills. Alphabet toys provide a natural, exciting way to develop these foundational skills and can help students stay on top of their letter-learning success.

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Games, Cards and Puzzles

Alphabet games make learning fun and are a great way to challenge kids and let them test themselves. We have many different types of alphabet games, cards and puzzles, such as letter construction sets, flashcards, bingo and letter-matching puzzles. These activities are great for group activities, playing during free time or as part of a formal lesson.

Manipulatives and Toys

Making the alphabet something you can touch and feel is a great way to reinforce concepts and help students understand them in new ways. We carry various manipulatives and toys for hands-on alphabet learning:
  • Lacing alphabets: Students gain familiarity with letters as they loop the letter-shaped beads onto a lace.
  • Follow-along and tracing letters: Drawing letters can help kids learn the shapes while reinforcing writing instruction.
  • Classic letters and tiles: These traditional plastic or rubber letters make it easy for students to reorganize letters and create their own words. The toys are also good for manipulating and experimenting with parts of words, such as past tense and plural markers.
  • Textured letters: Many students enjoy a tactile experience. We have letters that are textured, such as sandpaper, for a more interesting feel.
  • Pegboard letters: Have children place pegs into the holes on letter-shaped boards for increasing familiarity during playtime.
  • Stamps: Stamps let kids add perfectly drawn letters on just about any surface.
  • Fun creatures and icons: Get little learners excited about the alphabet with letter icons and blocks featuring exciting critters and items that represent the letters.

Magnetic Letters

Another beloved classic, magnetic letters make it easy to rearrange and play with the alphabet. At The Classroom Store, we have a wide range of magnetic letters in stock, including plastic letters, foam letters, letter construction pieces and jumbo letters.

Books and Flip Charts

Last but not least are our alphabet books and flip charts. These early learning alphabet resources provide a variety of activities and include "Letter of the Week" flip charts, alphabet-learning storybooks, dry-erase books, grade-appropriate workbooks and CDs.

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At Kurtz Bros., we know kids may need a variety of educational experiences to really understand their letters. To help teachers deliver these experiences, we provide a vast assortment of resources for learning the alphabet, appropriate for different age levels and learning styles. Other benefits you'll find at Kurtz Bros. are affordable prices and exceptional customer service — just reach out to us if you need any help!Browse our full selection of alphabet toys for sale online and order today.