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Fine Motor Skills

Help kids build their fine motor skills with the wide selection of toys for fine motor skill development for sale at Kurtz Bros.. Order online today.

Many of us take our ability to pick up small items, tie our shoes or button a shirt for granted. But for growing kids, these fine motor skills are still developing. Fine motor skills activities and toys can help students practice these movements and hone their abilities.

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Toys for Fine Motor Skill Development

There are many different toys for developing fine motor skills, from beads and scarves to sand and fake sneakers. Let's take a look at these resources and how you can use them with your young learners. 

Beads and Lacing

Working with beads is great for hand-eye coordination and general fine motor skills. Students need to fit the string into holes and use both hands at the same time. They'll also strengthen their hand muscles. Bead mazes can be helpful as beads are pre-strung onto looping metal wires that kids can use to slide beads along like a roller coaster.
Some bead options include giant beads, lacing letters, textured beads and square- and triangle-shaped beads — nearly all of them come in bright, attractive colors.

Clay, Foam and Sand

The tactile experience of playing with these malleable items is fun for students. Kids can squish and build with sand, Play-Doh and foam for endless fun, improving dexterity through every shape they make. We carry a variety of clay, foam and sand toys, including brightly colored materials, molding accessories and sand trays.

Bean Bags and Scarves

From catching to juggling, bean bags and scarves can be excellent tools for hand-eye coordination, with shapes that are easier to hold than balls. You can even use them for balancing activities, learning about proprioception and many other topics. Most bean bags for fine motor skills activities include early learner-friendly designs, with letters, shapes and numbers on the bags. Scarves also come in bright, fun colors.

Practical Skills

Many kids working on their fine motor skills will need some help with daily tasks, such as tying their shoes, buttoning their clothes, using scissors and opening latches. We have a variety of tools to help them practice these movements, such as fake shoes for lacing and a board of latches for students to open.

Other Fine Motor Skill Resources

Of course, many other toys are great for building fine motor skills, including tactile toys, sorting games and building sets. Kids will build these skills without realizing it because they're having so much fun with normal toys!
If you're looking for more everyday items to help students with fine motor skills during class time, check out our handwriting aids, large beginner pencils and scissors.

Building Fine Motor Skills With Kurtz Bros.

At Kurtz Bros., we know the importance of getting the right tools for your students. That's why we pride ourselves on offering a massive array of resources, so you can select the right options for your young learners. We have many types of toys for fine motor skill development for sale, and our customer service team is ready to answer any questions you may have.
Check out our resources for fine motor skills for kids, or reach out to learn more!