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Frequently Asked Questions

User Account


Managing User Accounts


How do I register for an account?

  • Go to https://www.kurtzbros.com/NewAccount/form.jsp and fill out the form.
  • Your addresses and other necessary information in your account will be set up by Kurtz Bros. and you will receive a notification email when your account has been activated.
  • After you receive notification, you can log into the website by entering your user ID and password in the Login area on the left side of the page.

What is my username?

  • If you have an administrator, they will be able to send you a new copy of your user ID and password.

What is my password?

Can my user ID be changed?

  • A User ID cannot be changed. Kurtz Bros. uses the ID to connect everything together on our site.
  • If it is absolutely necessary to change the user ID, the user can re-register or ask their administrator for a new account.
  • Any requisitions or orders created under the old User ID will remain that way and cannot be moved to the new ID.

Can my password be changed?

  • To change your password, log in to the site with your old password, then select Change Password from the navigation bar on the left.
  • Enter your old password and your new password.
  • Click the Change Password button to change your password.

I want to find my order number, but it's asking me for an address number and I don't know it. Where can I find that number?

  • The shipping address number is printed on any invoice or packing list that comes from Kurtz Bros.. It's an eight character number (including some letters) to identify your address to us. We request it on the order inquiry so that we can verify your order details in the system and keep your order data secure.

Not all of the schools in my district are showing up in my district order inquiry. What is wrong?

  • Customer service can add the schools to the customer address file so that they appear in the district.

My teacher is not supposed to be able to make orders, but we just got a package in the mail. How did this happen?

If the user sees the payment details page, something is wrong. Either the teacher has created an order without logging in, or the account has been set up to create orders. If the order has been processed and sent, you'll have to contact Customer Service to work out a solution. Customer Service can delete the order so that in can be recreated properly.

  • Check the user’s account type.
  • Click on the Registered Users link on the left side of the page under My Account.
  • Click on the User’s name.
  • Make sure the “Save requisitions for me to review” parameter is set to “Yes”. If it is not, change it to “Yes” and click the Update User button.

Can I consolidate my requisitions but still have them packed by teacher?

  • No. Consolidation makes one big order out of all the requisitions, combining even the quantities of individual items.
  • To have your orders packed by teacher, you must process all the requisitions individually.
  • To process a group of individual orders at one time, select all the necessary requisitions on the Open Requisitions page and clicking Approve.

How can I print out my requisition?

  • If you would like to print the requisition from the Shopping Cart page, you can click on Printable Copy at the top of the page.
  • You can also choose to print out the receipt that is displayed when you save the requisition by selecting Print from the File menu on your browser.
  • If your requisition has already been saved, go to Open Requisitions and click on the requisition number. Click on the Printer-Friendly Version link at the top of the page and then select Print from the File menu on your browser.

I can't find a requisition that I know should be there. Where is it?

  • The user may not have marked the requisition finished when they saved it. Ask the user to look for the requisition in their open requisitions list. If it is in the list, they can approve it and it will be sent to your account for review.
  • It is also possible that the requisition wasn't completely saved. The requisition is not saved in the system until the Save button is clicked on the page with requisition details. If the user can't find anything under the Open Requisitions page, then this is what happened. The user will need to recreate the requisition.

I made a mistake on my requisition. How can I change it?

  • If you did not mark the requisition as finished when you saved it, you can make changes to it by clicking on the Open Requisitions link on the navigation bar. Find the requisition and click on the number to load it into the shopping cart.
  • If the requisition was marked as finished when you saved it, then you will need to contact your administrator. Your administrator can either make the change for you, or send the requisition back to you.

I'm trying to make a requisition, and it's asking me for payment information. What should I enter?

  • When you are trying to build a requisition that will go to your administrator for approval and you see the payment information page, then something is wrong.
  • Check to make sure you are logged in by looking at the navigation bar. If you see "Login" and a box for the user ID and password, you are not logged in. You'll need to log into the site to have your requisition saved to the proper place.
  • If you do not see the boxes and you see My Account on the left of the page, then your account is not properly configured to make requisitions. Contact your administrator to let them know about the problem. Do not continue with the order until your account is fixed.

Can I change a user so that he can add other users or make orders?

  • View the user’s account details by going to Registered Users and clicking on the user’s name.
  • Select the desired preferences at the bottom of the page, and click the Update User button to save the changes.

I keep sending my user's password and it's not going through. What is wrong?

  • Check to make sure the user’s email is entered properly by going to Registered Users and clicking on their user’s name. If the email address is incorrect, enter the correct address and click on the Update User button.
  • If all of the users at your school are unable to receive emails from Kurtz Bros., you will need to check with a technical support person in your school. Sometimes firewalls and spam filtering software can block our messages and keep the users from seeing them. Check with a technical support person to see if spam filtering or a firewall is being used, and if there's any conflict with receiving automated emails from the Kurtz Bros.website.

One of my teachers didn't get their password. How can I resend it?

  • Go to Registered Users and click on the user's name.
  • Verify that the email address is entered correctly. If the address is not correct, type the correct address into the email address field and click the Update User button.
  • Click on Send User's Password on the top of the page.

One of my teachers moved to a new school. Can I change their address?

  • Go to Registered Users and click on the user’s name.
  • Change the user’s addresses by selecting from the drop down list.
  • Click the Update User button to save the changes.

How can I print out my order?

  • If you would like to print a list of the order items from the Shopping Cart page, you can click on Printable Copy at the top of the page.
  • You can also choose to print out the receipt that is displayed when you save the requisition by selecting Print from the File menu on your browser. This will include a list of the items ordered, plus addresses, personal information, and payment information used to process the order.

I need to delete an item from my shopping cart. How can I do this?

  • To remove an item from the shopping cart, change the quantity to zero or blank it out in the quantity box on the right side of the page. Click Update to see your order totals recalculated with the items removed.

I want to save my order and finish it later. Is this possible?

  • Only registered users have the ability to save orders for editing and processing at a later time.
  • Once you are logged in as a registered user, you create your order as you normally would. When you are done entering items on the Shopping Cart page, click on the Process Order Later button. You will enter a description for the order and Click the Save button. This will save your order as an open requisition.
  • When you're ready to finish the order, log back in and click on Open Requisitions in the navigation bar. You'll see a list of your saved orders, as well as any requisitions available to users you may have created. From here you can click on the requisition number to load it back into the shopping cart.

Where can I get an invoice?

  • You can print out an invoice from the website by searching for the order using the Go to Order Inquiry page. If the status of the order you are looking for has been Billed, you will see a link beside the billed date on the order page that says Click here for invoice.

How much is Shipping and Handling?

Net Order Value Shipping Charges
Up to $75.00 7.95
$75.01 to $100.00 8.95
$100.01 to $125.00 9.95
$125.01 to $150.00 10.95
$150.01 to $200.00 11.95
$200.00 and up Free

Shipping charges on orders for supplies will be based on the table to the right. On orders for Moist Clay, items specifically marked "F.O.B Shipping Point" and orders for shipment outside the contiguous U.S., the freight charges will be prepaid and added to your invoice. Pre-order freight charge estimates are available upon request. Also, should you require inside delivery, expedited delivery, or any other special service, the actual transportation cost will be added to your invoice.

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