5-Minute Science: Grades 1-3

Mind-blowing and fun, this collection of quick hands-on activities motivates students to learn more about science!
31414 - Each
38.15 ea

This collection of 50 quick, mind-blowing experiments will have students clamoring for more! Make a balloon scream, create a “magic wand” that moves a soda can, balance an egg, keep paper dry underwater, and more. Use these learning-rich activities to introduce a new topic, review a science concept, or bring a lesson to an exciting conclusion. Each activity requires only a few easy-to-find materials and includes background information, discussion questions, and correlations to the NGSS. Set includes 50 large (8" x 5") index cards and 2 tabs (teacher demonstrations and student activities), in a sturdy storage unit (8.25" x 5.75" x 2.5").

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