DEWEY The Document Camera Stand with Microscope
Turn your devices, including your smartphones and iPads into a document camera by utilizing the camera app.
Cat Price
62017 - Each
125.00 ea

Turn your iPad into a document camera with the Dewey Document Camera Stand. Utilizing the camera feature, this institutional quality stand provides teachers with the same basic functionality of traditional cameras but at a fraction of the cost. It's perfect for teacher demonstrations, sharing student work, along with numerous other educational applications.

DCS6 Features:

  • Spring loaded clamps hold all versions of iPad® with a camera and various smartphones with or without cases.
  • Microscope feature with 5x or 10x magnification and LED light.
  • Height adjustable and headphone holder.
  • 90° rotating mount that swivels and tilts, keeping the device secure.
  • Mounting holes on the base for securing Dewey to a surface and compatible with Apple® AV adaptors and Apple TV.

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