Flick Sticks

Calming, silent and satisying sensory fidget toy reduces stress and anxiety and increases focus in school and home.
34725 - 10/Pkg.
22.50 pkg

Calming, silent and satisfying sensory fidget toy reduces stress, anxiety, and increases focus in school and home. Tapping, twirling, and running fingers on the soft, flexible and colorful rubbery fibers allowing movement while working. Silent fidget tool keeps hands busy, and minds focused providing a tactile outlet for restlessness for all ages. The suction cup enables the Flick Stick to stay in place and can attach to screens and laptop keyboards. 2" x 1" Flick Sticks are perfect presents for any fidgeter, ideal for teacher prizes. Set includes 10 Flick Sticks - 2 each of 5 different colors.

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