Gemz!® Three Corner™ Card Game
Get ready for gem-collecting, bling-building fun!
24939 - Each
18.95 ea

Get ready for gem-collecting, bling-building fun! This award-winning game is full of action as you draw, swap and switch out cards to watch your gem take shape. Uncover all of one color to build a jewel of gemz. Watch out for action cards that speed up or slow down progress. Will you win or lose with your next move? Be the first to gather six Gemz Cards of the same color to win!

Unique three-sided, brilliantly-colored game cards make Gemz a favorite right out of the box. The simple yet surprising game play keeps everyone from preschoolers to adults wanting to deal another round! Luck-of-the-draw and the game-changing SWAP cards make sure that no player can coast to an easy win. Gemz Card Game is a great icebreaker for parties, game nights, and makes an excellent birthday present for kids too. The rules are simple enough for younger children, teens and adults to all enjoy playing together. 

63 cards plus full-color instructions included. 15 to 30 minute play time. 2-4 players, ages 4 and up.

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