Greystone Lectern
Far more than just a basic lectern. Features a large reading surface, two side pull-out shelves, and a sliding keyboard tray.
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1008.25 ea

The Greystone Lectern from Oklahoma Sound is far more than just a basic lectern. This elegantly designed unit offers an all-in-one presentation experience. Large reading surface (22¾"W x 18¼:D), two side pull-out shelves (14¼"W x 12"D), and a sliding keyboard tray (17½"W x 9¼"D) provides for a complete multi-media presentation experience. Designer curved grey plywood adds a sophisticated look. The cabinet includes three large shelves plus an oversized front drawer for ample storage. 2½" hooded twin wheel matching casters make for easy mobility. Elegance and functionality for all your presentation needs.

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