Groove© Stool
Groove© Fixed Height Stool.
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Groove© Fixed Height Stool.

Immediately supportive and comfortable. Students can feel great and get to work, with less settle time. The ergonomic seat pan and subtle shell contours support movement in a working posture at a desk and sideways sitting. A gentle flex at the top of the shell opens the contours up for a reclining position. Generous waterfall seat front to support circulation to students’ legs and feet. The Groove® fixed height stools are available in a 24″ seat height and a 30″ seat height.

Smith System® high-tech injection molding not only keeps the seatback strong and flexible, but it eliminates the exposed structural “ribs” on the back of the chair’s shell. We also used a smaller tube diameter for the frame. Groove® doesn’t look like an institutional classroom chair. It’s sleek and calm, yet familiar. It’s a crossover chair that quietly blends in anywhere: classrooms, cafeterias, flex studios, maker spaces and more.

Stacks 4-5 chairs high.

Front and rear footrest bars (in platinum powder coat) protected against scuffing by a rugged plastic shell.

Please specify color when ordering.

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