Language Arts Curriculum Mastery Game
Use game-based learning for review and reinforcement of student skills on 25 standards-based topics for 1st Grade Language Arts
155.85 ea

Use game-based learning to build student skills in core curriculum concepts. The Classroom Edition game includes enough materials for an entire class of up to 36 students including 750 illustrated, self-correcting questions – 30 game cards for each of the 25 topics; 12 double-sided, laminated game boards; game pieces; and a Teacher’s Guide. Also includes a 1 Year Premium Subscription to NewPath’s Online Learning Program providing access to standards-based resources including games, interactive activities, quizzes and more! Covers the following 25 topics: Root Words; Prefix/Suffix; Syllables/Spelling Patterns; Vocabulary; Text Features; Parts of a Book; Literary Elements/Poetic Devices; High Frequency Words I; High Frequency Words II; Drawing Conclusions; Main Idea; Drawing Inferences; Summarize; Supporting Details; Context Clues; Making Predictions; Cause/Effect, Fact/Opinion; Author’s Purpose/Point of View; Analogies; Sentence Purpose Identification; Sequencing; Extraneous Detail; Parts of Speech; Punctuation; and Spelling.
Grade: 1
Size: 12.5 x 9.5 x 5
Subject: Language Arts
Weight: 5 lbs

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