Mobile Storage
Horizon 3D Printer Cart
Cat Price
94482 - 28 3/4"W x 39 1/2"H x 21"D, Each
1645.25 ea

This mobile printer cart provide the perfect solution for 3D printers that need to move from classroom to classroom,. The elevated table top surface provides an ample workspace. the 8 internal spool hangers provide a customized storage area along with 5 clear trays that provide plenty of organized storage. ( Printer, spools, computer laptop  and printer are not included. Please specify color when ordering.

Laminate: Storm Gray, Asian Night/Black Edge or Pewter Mesh/Black Edge * Asian Night and Pewter Mesh only available with Black Edge.

Edge: Black, Gray, Navy, Blue, Blueberry, Apple, Red, Orange or Purple

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