Place Value Math Activity Kit - Grades 3 - 5
Combine hands-on, manipulative-based activities with engaging curriculum resources to provide a complete instructional solution on the base ten number system.
30733 - Grades 3-5
138.35 ea

Engaging, hands-on activities combine with illuminating graphics to provide a complete solution for instruction of the base ten nature of the number system. The 131-piece Base Ten Blocks and laminated Place Value Mats can be used to represent any four-digit number in addition and subtraction operations as well as decimals, percentages and decimal fractions. The four-page Place Value Visual Learning Guides are laminated and provide an illustrated overview of place value concepts along with “write-on/wipe off” activities and assessment questions. Teacher Guide included. Includes: 1 Base 10 Block Set (1 Cube, 10 Flats, 20 Rods and 100 Units); 4 Place Value Laminated Mats; 4 Place Value Visual Learning Guides; and 1 Place Value Teacher Guide.
Grade: 3-5
Size: 12.125 x 9.5 x 6.25
Subject: Math
Weight: 5 lbs

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