Portable ROBO™ Room Dividers

NPS portable ROBO™ room dividers are made of superior quality parts.
Cat Price
1488.00 ea

NPS portable ROBO™ room dividers are made of superior quality parts. They are robust, durable, flexible, safe and easy to set up. Each panel is completely encased and sealed in aluminum frames. Each of our dividers are built with durable steel and easily moved. The end sections are equipped with easy-maneuvering bars with added strength and roll on 3" spring enhanced casters for easy movement of thresholds or floor obstacles. Our casters are equipped with tech-lock brakes for easy and safe locking. Our dividers can be utilized in any number of ways. they are easily rolled and can be quickly rotated to conform to any need and shape. Simply set up a unit as a separation between two areas or bend a unit to create a shaped wall. Multiple units can be ganged together to form a large division using the robust magnet connectors that are built into the end sections of the dividers. Since the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, portable room dividers have been in high demand for dealing with the spread of COVID-19. These dividers can help maintain social distancing in cafeterias, classrooms, houses of worship, medical facilities, hospitals, airports, offices and more. Please specify clear acrylic or fabric. If choosing fabric, please specify color when ordering. Colors available are Blue, Black, and Gray. 

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