Small Book Browser Cart w/Deluxe Tub Pack
Small Book Browser Cart
Cat Price
62325 - 4 Large tubs, 12 Tiny tubs and 3 Small Divided tubs
255.50 ea

This compact cart includes a combination of useful storage tubs for books or maker materials. The Small Divided Tubs can be used to keep just about anything organized, including leveled reading programs. The Tiny Tubs keep all kinds of small items sorted by color, student or group. They are handy for putting together manipulatives then placing the tubs where small groups of students are working.These carts hold up to 60lbs and are the ideal height for students and teachers to easily view and choose a book. Designed to be used within a classroom. Durable with a lifetime warranty. Tubs are made with 25% recycled polypropylene. 3 Small Divided Tubs, 4 Large Open Tubs (2 Aqua, 1 Lime, 1 Magenta) and 12 Tiny Tubs.

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