Budget Math Board Game

Develop the ability to make good budgets involving multiple factors. - Examine relevant information to determine strategies.
33325 - Each
39.10 ea

Strengthens the math skills needed for good money management. Players construct budgets. Living within realistic budgets earns bonuses. The probability of auto accidents, fire damage, medical expenses, dental costs and everyday purchases are important to consider. Includes a probability study guide for players to complete. Pros and cons of home ownership, insurance policies, and investments emerge during play. Mental computation is necessary for accurate money handling. Supports state and national mathematics standards.

Before each trip around the gameboard, players plan a budget and receive $2,000. The realities of real-life economics are experienced as players buy a home, pay insurance costs, make investments, etc. If the budget projection is reasonably accurate, the player collects a bonus on payday! 2-4 players. Grades 4-12.

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