Crayola® Classic Colors Markers
Crayola markers in traditional colors.
7.35 set

Keep kids drawing for hours with these Crayola classic markers. The ink in the vibrantly colored markers is bleed-free and smudge-resistant for easy post-drawing cleanup. These Crayola classic markers are constructed with recycled plastic resin that keeps the material out of the waste stream.

12 Color Set: 8 Classic Colors plus Dolphin Gray, Flamingo Pink, Blue Lagoon and Sandy Tan.

10 Color Sets: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Gray, Orange, Yellow, Brown, Pink and Violet.

8 Color Sets: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Yellow, Brown, and Violet. The fine tips make them ideal for coloring tiny areas on mandala-style drawings or cursive writing with lots of dots and lines.

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