Giant House Builder
Contains enough pieces to build a house, school or any design within childrens' imagination, and they learns about shape and space as they play.
32891 - Set
299.95 set

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 Ideal for nurseries, early years, kindergartens and reception classes.Budding young builders and architects will love to construct their own buildings with this attractive set. Contains enough pieces to build a house, a skyscraper, a church or any design from within a child's imagination. Children will not just love building their house but will also have fun looking through the windows at each other and they will learn about shape and space whilst they play. A must for all early years and special needs environments. Contains 72 pieces (16 squares, 8 equilateral triangles, 30 gear squares, 16 windows and 2 doors) in attractive colors. Squares measures 21 x 21cm (8.27 x 8.27 inches). The large and chunky pieces enable children to easily construct really large models.

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