Monthly Calendar Pocket Chart
Full-color photo cards include 12 month cards, 33 date cards, 7 week days, 4 birthdays, 2 field trips, and 2 special days. Also includes a 2-page activity guide.
33.45 ea

The Monthly Calendar pocket chart is a handy learning tool designed to give students practice in reading and using a calendar. You can change the cards in the chart to correspond to each month of the year. In addition, you can use the pocket chart and schedule cards to do the suggested activities in this resource guide. Full-color photo cards include month cards, day cards, date cards, birthday cards, field trip cards and special day cards. Also includes a 2-page activity guide.

Measures 25" x 27 3/4" with 43 see-through pockets. Includes 12 monthly cards (15" x 3"), 7 day cards (3" x 3"), 33 date cards (3" x 3", 4 birthday cards (3" x 3"), 2 field trip cards (3" x 3"), 2 special day cards (3" x 3"), and an activity guide. 60 pieces.

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