Skill Drill Flash Cards - Vowels & Vowel Teams
Capture attention and reinforce skills with easy-to-use flash cards.
24550 - Pkg.
14.85 pkg

Get to know vowels with content-rich, photo flash cards! Vowels and Vowel Teams skill Drill Flash cards help students learn to read correctly pronounce, and spell a variety of words with long, short, and combination vowel sounds. This versatile, educational flash card set is large enough for a whole classroom of students, but can easily be divided into smaller chunks for individual, partnered, or small-group study. Get to know long and short vowels and more than 15 vowel teams through a variety of practice cards. Activity ideas are included to keep kids engaged and challenged in classrooms, homeschools, language learner programs and more.

Box contains 66 flash cards and 6 information/activity cards. Cards are 3" x 6" each and have a rounded corner for quick sorting. Sturdy cards hold up to many uses. The storage box is easy to stack and store to keep your learning environment organized. 

Build reading skills and learn to spell using interactive flash card practice. enjoy a variety of card types to teach about vowels and vowel teams with long and short vowel sounds. More than 200 total vocabulary words are listed on card backs for extended learning and reading practice. This flash card set features picture and sentence clues, plus phonics sound-it-out hints for learners to discover vowel sounds and hear them in sentences. Summary and practice cards are included for easy and effective flash card review. Use the activity ideas or create your own flash card games for studying. For ages 6 and up.

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