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Custom Rubber Stamps

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These rubber stamps can be made with any desired copy. Special designs and sizes are available; write us with your requirements for special quotation. Mount length will adjusted according to copy. Prices below are for type not exceeding 1/4" in height. Stamps with type exceeding 1/4" are charged at the rate of 1 line each for each 1/4" or fraction thereof. This rate also applies to spacing between lines. Borders (square, round, and oval) are charged as 2 additional lines. Underscore counts as 1 line. T-10 Custom Stamp has a copy area of 1/4" x 2 13/16". T-20 Custom Stamp has a copy area of 3/8" x 2 13/16". T-30 Custom Stamp has a copy area of 5/8" x 3 15/16". Sold as each. MUST SEND COPY IMMEDIATELY TO OFFICE.

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