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Brackitz Education Gears, Sprockets & Chains Module

Expands the “engineering go power” of the base Structures module. Gears and Chains (like the ones in bicycles) are simple machines. When students learn to design and build with gears they gain hands-on understanding of the principles of motion. Five PreK-6 lessons are available for specific use with this module. Each Activity is focused on solving real-world challenges using creativity and problem-based learning approach. Includes: 18cm Axle-Splines, 20 12cm Axle-Splines, 6 Cranks, 70 Lock Washers 4-way Hubs, 30 Lock Washers 3-way Hubs, 330 Chain Links, 9 Large Gears, 9 Medium Gears, 9 Small Gears. (Requires Structures Module code 50008 for building.)

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