Naturals - Botanicals
Naturals give children the opportunity and confidence to explore and discuss the outdoor world! Incorporate these natural products into lessons about the environment and insect or animal habitats.
53172 - Set
110.75 set

This selection includes 17 different types of botanical naturals: 5 yulan leaves, 5 bodhi leaves, 5 heart leaves, 5 ceris leaves, 60 g pine cones, 60 g long pine cones, 60 g mango leaves, 40 g palm tree fibre, 40 g bamboo leaves, 40 g acorns, 3 wild grass bundles, 25 g cotton seed capsules, 125 g long bamboo sticks, 3 lotus heads, 60 g star anise, 60 g loofah sponges and 60 g cinnamon sticks. Children will enjoy the visual and tactile stimulation of botanical naturals. For ages 3 and older.

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